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The Preston-Marsh Funeral Home has been a Locally Family Owned and Operated Funeral Home for over 75 Years.  Founded in the early 1930's by the Kelly and Ferrell Families they served the Rogersville and Fordland area with caring first for families at thier time of need.  With their deaths in the mid 1960's this Family Owned Funeral Home was purchased by the Marsh Family.  Francis and Mary Marsh continued this Locally Family Owned and Operated Funeral Home with the same caring for families that the Kelly's and Ferrell's had served the families of the Rogersville and Fordland area. With their retirement the Family Funeral Home was sold to the Preston Family.  James and Cindy Preston continue to operate this Locally Family Owned and Operated Funeral Home with the same caring and professional respect for families that all the previous owners have shown for the families of the Rogersville and Fordland area.  
The Preston-Marsh Funeral Home has strived to keep operating cost low enabling us to pass these saving on to the families we serve.  You will find that the cost of services and merchandise is one of the lowest in Southwest Missouri.  Well below the National Average, families are able to save $100.00's to $1000.00"s on Funeral Services, Cremations, Memorial Services, Caskets, Vaults and other items.
The Preston-Marsh Funeral Home continues to offer Traditional Funeral Services, Cremation Services for all Religions, Cultures and Personal Beliefs.
These services can be customized for each families desire for a personal memorializing service.  Pictures, momentos, memorial quilts, special eulogies, custom flowers, etc. at  visitations and funeral service are just a few ways for families to pay a final Tribute to thier Loved One.

The Living Memorial Scholarship, Inc.

PO Box 100

Huntsville, MO 65259

Voice Mail (660) 277-3386






The Preston-Marsh Funeral Home Honors each Veterans Family with a free Wood Flag Case to protect and display their Loved one's Honorable Service to our nation.

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